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Real Christmas Trees Have Arrived at Hillier Garden Centres

One of our favourite times of year is finally here! Deliveries of thousands of real Christmas trees have been safely made to every Hillier Garden Centre and our magical real tree forests are now set up and are waiting for you!

“Got mine today – absolutely beautiful!”

– customer feedback, Chichester

Make your trip to pick your perfect Christmas tree and enjoy soaking in the festive atmosphere and evocative pine scent. Why not make a full occasion of it? There are plenty of other botanical treasures to be hunted out in our forests, including mistletoe bunches and foliage for swags. Inside our centres, you can also browse for some new Christmas decorations and stop in for a festive bite at a Hillier restaurant.

“Picked and collected my tree last week. Great shaped tree, awesome price.”

– customer feedback, Facebook

Our Hillier staff will be on hand to give advice and help you select, net and take home your tree. We look forward to welcoming you to your local Hillier Garden Centre to help you choose the perfect tree this Christmas!

“Bought a pot-grown one and it’s very good.”

– customer feedback, Facebook

Our guide below also offers some useful tips so you can get the best from your visit.

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Christmas Tree Varieties

You will find a range of top quality real tree varieties on sale at every Hillier Garden Centre. We offer classic cut trees for indoor use, or pot-grown trees for continued or outdoor use at heights starting from 2ft (pot-grown trees only) up to almost 10ft (cut trees only, at select centres).

Nordmann Fir

Easily the most popular of all varieties of real Christmas tree. Has a rich, dark-green colour and soft needles that are renowned for not dropping.

Available in all centres. Cut or pot-grown trees.

Norway Spruce

Has an excellent green colour of foliage and reddish bark. To ensure good needle retention, must be well-watered at home.

Available from select centres – check with your local Hillier. Cut or pot-grown trees.

Fraser Fir

A dark blue-green coloured Christmas tree with slightly upturned branches. Keeps its needles well.

Available from select centres – check with your local Hillier. Cut trees only.

Blue Spruce

A fantastic tree for outdoor use that has beautiful silver-blue foliage. Has excellent needle retention – though be aware, they can be quite sharp! It should also always be handled wearing gloves, as some people experience a mild reaction to it.

Available in all centres. Pot-grown trees only.

Cut trees vs pot-grown trees

In the past, traditional cut trees have been the vastly more popular Christmas tree choice. In recent years, though, we have seen a growing interest in pot-grown trees.

The advantage of cut trees is the extensive range of sizes available, particularly for those looking for a taller tree. We sell cut trees ranging from 4ft up to almost 10ft. Pot-grown trees, in comparison, range from 2ft up to around 5ft high. The fabulous, traditional scent that fills the room from a cut tree is also a big positive – although you will still get a pleasing aroma from a pot-grown tree.

The rising popularity of pot-grown trees is due to their convenience, purchased already sat in their pot, and the fact that they are a living tree that can last for many years. They can either be re-potted and reused each year or planted out in the garden after Christmas. Many people are choosing a pot-grown tree as a second Christmas tree, given a prominent spot by the front door or around the home.

How to Pick the Perfect Tree

Whatever size and style of tree you opt for, follow our tips and choose the perfect one for you:

Caring for your Christmas Tree at Home

As with all living things, you need to give your tree a little love at home to keep it at its best.

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