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Press Release: Hillier all set for a Goldrush at Chelsea

April 2018

Hillier is set to introduce two new plants in its Chelsea Flower Show garden this year.

With an international reputation for its horticultural skills and expertise, and a world record holder for having the most Chelsea golds, Hillier is the name that is synonymous with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Each year Hillier launches its latest plant varieties at the show and this year there are new plants being showcased, both very different but complementing the rustic theme of this year’s garden, “Stihl Inspiration” by Hillier.

Eryngium Blue Waves

The first is Eryngium ’Blue Waves’,* a hybrid developed solely with Hillier Nurseries in the UK. This unique blend of Eryngium bourgatii and Eryngium alpinum was first cultivated in 2002 when two plants, growing close to each other, resulted in the production 11 hybrid seedlings. One of these was then selected due to its strong, upright stems and large bracted cone like flower head, which is surrounded by a number of smaller bracted flowers. This will be the star of the Hillier 2018 Chelsea Flower Show garden.

The intricate thistle-like blooms of the Eryngium are in a vibrant shade of amethyst and create a ‘blue wave’ sitting on top of a stout, inky blue stem. E. ‘Blue Waves’ emerges from an over wintered crown producing ornate leaves with silver-white veins, then in June the cone like heads appear, each surrounded by a prominent spiky bract on stems between 35cm and 50cm high. As the plant matures, the flower cones, bracts and stems all turn to the shade of vivid blue from which it takes its name. Once established, the new Eryngium is very drought tolerant, and even thrives in poor soil. Its versatility is set to make it a big performer for Hillier.

Hydrangea Aspera Gold Rush

To complement the stunning blue of the Eryngium and to enhance the rustic theme introduced by the corten-steel that features throughout the garden, the second new plant for Hillier this year is Hydrangea aspera ‘Gold Rush’ exclusively grown by Hillier Nurseries in the UK. Hydrangea aspera ‘Gold Rush’ is a shrub of distinctive velvety textured gold foliage with striking lavender blue flowers surrounded by distinctive white florets on its edges.

The new growth of Hydrangea aspera ‘Gold Rush’ that emerges in spring is truly unique. It initially displays shades of gold and flame orange, then matures to a rich golden yellow before turning green in the height of summer. Hydrangea aspera ‘Gold Rush’ flowers in summer and can grow to be two metres high and one metre wide. At this size, it is ideal for shrub borders and can be the perfect addition to containers or balcony displays.

The new plants were introduced by the Hillier Research and Development team which has a wealth of horticultural experience and a passion for making horticultural discoveries. George Hillier, explained: “We love unveiling our plants at Chelsea and watching people come to find them in the garden. There is almost as much anticipation each year for the announcement of these as there is about the garden design.

“A key part of Hillier is expanding our growing business and we do this, and maintain our positioning in the market, by the introduction of new plants. Our R&D team is constantly working, alongside our international partners, to deliver exciting new innovations to the market and these are an example of that.”

The two new plants are exclusively grown by Hillier Nurseries in the UK and will be available to purchase in Hillier’s 12 garden centres after they have been launched at Chelsea Flower Show.

Full details of the 2018 Hillier garden will be revealed in due course. For more information, please visit or follow @HillierGarden on Twitter.


*The Eryngium ‘Blue Waves’, won second place in this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show’s Plant of the Year.


For further media enquiries about Hillier, or wider features about the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, please contact:

Paskett PR 01332 258335

Holly Daulby 07850 314040

Notes to Editors

About Hillier:

“To inspire the creation of green living spaces for now and the future”

Hillier is the most successful exhibitor in the history of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, having been awarded 72 consecutive gold medals.

The company was founded in 1864 by Edwin Hillier and remains a family-run nursery with the fifth generation now actively involved in the family business as it continues to grow. The company employs over 500 staff across its wholesale nursery, trees and 12 garden centre divisions, and grows approximately two million plants a year. It is the largest tree grower in the UK.

Over the years, Hillier has been responsible for numerous plant introductions, many of which have become essentials in British gardens and it continues with the tradition of innovation and the introduction of new garden plants in the present day.

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