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New Seed Varieties Now in Centres!

If you love to grow your own vegetables, sow flowers from seed or plant together with your children, we have great news. A number of new additions to our extensive range of seeds are now available at your nearest Hillier Garden Centre, giving you even more choice and the opportunity to try something new this year.

Vegetable Highlights

Our new vegetable seed varieties offer great performance and taste:

Beetroot – Alexis, Bolder, Red Ace

Broccoli – Calibrese F1 Monclano, Komodo

Cabbage – Madison F1

Celery – Golden Self Blanching

Carrot – F1 Night Bird, Octavo F1

Chilli Peppers – Pearls

Courgette – Shooting Star

Cucumber – Mini Muncher

Kale – Black Magic, F1 Peacock White Kale

Lettuce – Lollo Rossa

Nasturtium – Gold Jewel

MicroGreens – Basil Dark Opal, Broccoli, Coriander, Fenugreek, Mustard Red Frills, Rocket Victoria

Pepper – (Sweet) Cardinal

Runner Beans – Czar

Squash – Honey Barn, Uchiki Kuri

Tomato – Red Zebra, Rosella

Are you curious what it means when you see F1 by a seed name? An F1 is a hybrid variety, the result of breeding different parent plants until you get consistently identical plants growing as a result. This can be a lengthy process over many years, but can also result in new varieties with the very best qualities of each parent.

New Flower Range

The new range of flower seeds includes a number of garden favourites with a twist:

Cornflower – Black Ball

Cosmos – White Knight

Lobelia – Mrs Clibran

Petunia – My Love Orange F1

Sweet Pea – Patriotic Mix

Zinnia – Molotov

Look out for the interesting new colours and forms. Cornflower Black Ball, for example, is a deep purple instead of the traditional blue; Cosmos White Knight is a highly-demanded, single colour semi-double variety or Petunia My Love Orange, F1 is a soft orange colour, a breakthrough from the traditional pink of Petunias.

Great Seeds for Growing with Children

Help cultivate the next generation of gardeners and develop your children’s green fingers with the ‘Fun to Grow’ range from Suttons Seeds. Specially developed for 4-10-year olds, they offer the perfect balance between education and colourful fun.

Highlights include Pea Mini Muncher – Tom Thumb, a small variety that can easily be grown on a sunny windowsill, Star Flower – Herb Borage, which produces bright flowers plus hairy leaves that can be used to flavour juices or a classic Sunflower Giant Single, sold together with measuring tape for recording true champions!

Useful Seed Sowing Guides

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