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The Hillier Guide to Growing on GardenTags

GardenTags App

Here at Hillier we love talking about all things gardening, and our friends at GardenTags feel exactly the same way!

Whether you want to share your gardening knowledge, pick up some advice, inspiration, or just share your latest Hillier purchases with like-minded individuals, GardenTags has it all in one handy app. You can also log and manage your entire plant collection.

GardenTags is the all-in-one growing app for gardeners of all abilities making the art of growing easy and fun. You can get community-powered planting inspiration, advice, identification and garden management in one free app. They’ve also just introduced digital plant identification into the app.


Use your smartphone to identify plants.

GardenTags have 10,000’s of growers across the UK helping each other grow. Their member survey found that 75% of people are growing more plants as a result of GardenTags and 68% have more gardening knowledge.  What’s more, you can log your entire plant collection in GardenTags and keep track of your plants over the seasons. There is even a community authored planting encyclopedia of 20,000 plants which comes with all the growing info you need.

If you’re a Hillier customer it’s free and easy to get started on GardenTags. Just follow these three simple steps.

Getting Started

To get started you will need to have a mobile or tablet device that runs either Android (Play store) or Apple iOS (the App Store)

Download the app

Step 1: Download The App

Using your mobile or tablet device download the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, tap on the GardenTags icon and either log in via Facebook or ‘Register’ and follow the registration process and mini tutorial. Make sure you say you heard about us through Hillier, as this will give you access to a special Hillier customer GardenTags Premium offer, should you wish to subscribe (this is optional – you can still use the rest of the app)

Upload your first photo

Step 2: Add your first plant photo

Your GardenTags journey starts with adding and sharing your first plant or garden photo. To do this tap on the ‘camera’ icon and follow the instructions. If it’s a plant photo you can add it to your plant collection which will allow you to keep a visual record of your plants over time. It’ll also add all the information about that plant from our user powered encyclopaedia so you’ll know just how your plant likes to grow!

Other members will be able to see your photos and we’re sure they’ll want to ‘follow’ you.  You can always set your account to ‘private’ in the settings > edit profile should you not want to share your plant and garden photos with the community.

Follow others

Step 3 – Start following other gardeners to get planting inspiration and advice

To get the most out of GardenTags we recommend that you ‘follow’ other gardeners on the app.  The more gardeners you follow the more planting inspiration and advice you’ll get.  If you go to Discover > Recommended in the app we’ll suggest people to follow who have similar gardening styles to you.

Here are some handy videos by David, Co-Founder of GardenTags, to help get you started: