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Chelsea Team

Ricky Dorlay

Master plantsman and responsible for preparing all of the plant material for the Hillier exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show. As this is Ricky’s 50th Chelsea, he’s had plenty of practice!

Sue Robinson

The Hillier exhibit owes its detail to our stylist Sue Robinson. Sue adds those magical touches which personalise the garden areas enabling visitors to envisage them in their own gardens.

Nigel Roman

A key member of the hard landscaping team, Nigel for many years has laid countless slabs, mixed hundreds of barrels of cement and built incredible features out of nothing. Along with Neil, Luke and Steve, he creates the ‘stage’ for the plants to star.

Neil Robins

Neil takes a break from his key role at Hillier Nurseries to manage operations on site at Chelsea. He leads the team to off-load, build, stage and clear up afterwards. Health and Safety is always high on his agenda.

Chris Wilde

Garden Centre Manager at Hillier Bath, Chris is a multi-tasker; mini bus driver, delivery manager, and also a key member of the staging team. His energetic and cheerful approach keep the team going even when they’re flagging.

Emma Belbin

Ricky’s daughter Emma has worked at Chelsea for longer than she or any of us can remember. She’s grown up with the plants and the preparations for Chelsea which are such a major part of Ricky’s life. Emma’s specialities include woodland settings and water features.

Jane Wibberley

Jane may not know much about plants but she’s proved to be an expert when it comes to accurate labelling of the 4,000 plants which make up the Hillier exhibit. As this is a key factor in judging in the floral pavilion, it has to be right.

Gill Mayo

Gill is our chef organiser; tickets, uniforms, accommodation, logistics, just about everything falls into Gills lap, especially all of the unintelligible communications from the RHS. During the Show, Gill keeps the tea and coffee flowing and the biscuit tin rattling. She may also stage a plant or two in between times!

John Hillier

John is the veteran of Hillier at Chelsea. He’s been a part of the Hillier exhibit for over 60 years. John keeps an eye on us all, members of the team and every plant. He can spot a faded flower or a broken branch from 50 yards and his eye for detail never ceases to amaze. In between times he meets up with so many of the Chelsea family that he’s got to know over the years.