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Field and Container Trees

Field and Container Grown Trees

Hillier offers both container and field-grown trees. This means whether you are a Landscape Architect, Tree Officer, Contractor or Garden Designer we can offer an unbeatably wide range of top-quality British trees all year round for immediate or long-term projects.


Our Field Grown Trees

We grow around 750,000 trees at any one time across 600 acres of fields in the beautiful Hampshire countryside – row after row of Europe’s finest quality trees.

At the open ground nursery at Andlers Ash Farm, Liss, we stock our award-winning semi-mature trees. Here, you can find the largest choice of semi-mature trees in the UK.

When you pay a visit, not only will you find an extensive range of tree stock but also a source of inspiration and ideas. There are fields of multi-stems, including specimen trees and shrubs and ‘designer’ trees including cube-headed, pleached, parasol and architectural shaped trees in a variety of forms. We also offer instant hedging and archways, single specimens for focal points and courtyards and an extensive selection of impact trees for larger projects.

Our field-grown trees range in size from 10-12cm to our ‘super’ semi-mature trees, which are over 80cm in girth. Producing this volume and quality of requires professionalism throughout our production and we are renowned for the clean uniformity of our crops at every size.


Our Container Grown Trees

We complement our field grown trees with our container tree nursery in Ampfield, Hampshire. Broadmead Tree Nursery, developed by Hillier in the 1990’s, helped pioneer the container tree revolution, which contains to gain in popularity.

The benefit of growing trees in containers is that it becomes possible to find and plant quality British trees all year round.

At the site today, we produce around 25,000 container trees per year across 75 acres of land. These trees are first grown to saleable size in the fields, then lifted and potted into appropriate containers.