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We offer management training opportunities so you can kick-start your career in horticulture.

Read about the experiences of previous Hillier Management Trainees.

Chris Abbess

Management Trainee, Hillier

Being outside has always interested me, and working in horticulture does just this. From a young age living on the edge of the forest and seeing plants grow around me has fascinated me, and made me want to know more about them and why they’re doing what they do. Joining

Hillier in November 2015 has led me to learn even more about the plants and nature around us and I’ve enjoyed working with people who share the same passion. I’m looking forward to learning and sharing more knowledge within my time working for Hillier.

Matt Potter

Management Trainee, Hillier

I came to Hillier as a Retail Management Trainee because I felt Hillier is an organisation that would help me grow, it felt to me to be a unique business which is now growing and changing.

I believe it will help me improve my skills with both our customers and fellow staff in addition to allowing me to learn other skills including horticulture. I believe that the Hillier team are a key way for apprentices to learn what they need to know for business.

Isobel Mills

Management Trainee, Hillier

I was attracted to the Hillier apprenticeship scheme because of the variety of experience that it provides. During my retail management training I will have the opportunity to learn about shop management, plant area management, coffee shop management and the human recourses side of running a horticultural business. I wanted to work for a company that provides high standards in all it does, where I can be confident that the product that I am selling will always be of high quality. I am six months into the training and have already had a wide range of experience with customers, selling and delegating to the team I work with. I hope that in the next two years I will have gained the knowledge to be an effective manager at Hillier.